Compress Images for Discord Emjoi/Email/Web for Smaller Sizes

Optimized compressor to reduce image file size for Discord emojis. You can get the best image size for Discord without any installation or charge. Meanwhile, if a large picture size is slowing down your website, try Picwand Online Image Compressor to shrink images to possible minimum sizes. Is the email too big to send? Don't worry. Use this image KB reducer to compress your image attachments and reduce up to 90% sizes.

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Free Way to Compress Image Size in One Click Easily

As a free image size reducer, Picwand's online image compressor offers easy navigation and a clear webpage. Anyone can easily compress the image in seconds by clicking, dragging, and dropping. Plus, if you are in a hurry, try batch image compression and upload all your photos (up to 40 images) in various formats at a time. Wait for a few seconds; you will see the condensed images in the queue, ready for you to download.

Reduce JPEG/PNG/GIF and More Image File Size in KB

It is not hard to compress the image to 100KB or reduce more sizes here with Picwand's compressor. Besides, this fine image shrinker supports various formats. You do not need to wait and upload a new PNG image till the JPEG compression is done. All your JPEG/JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, BMP, SVG, and more images can be compressed to your preferred small sizes. Simply throw all the photos you want to compress here and minimize the picture size effortlessly, regardless of the format.

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Image Compression Algorithms

Shrink a Photo and Keep the Best Quality with AI Compression

We use smart AI compression algorithms to ensure the possible best quality while maintaining the possible minimum picture size. Unlike the lossy compression used by other online tools, which would very likely reduce your image quality drastically as well, Picwand Online Image Compressor is a high-quality image shrinker that intelligently balances the output image size and quality using cutting-edge AI compression.

3 Steps to Compress Images Online


Step 1

Upload Image(s)


Step 2

Compress Image(s)


Step 3

Click Download or Download All to Save.

What Our Users Are Saying


I can minimize the pic size very quickly on my iPhone. The best thing I like about this compressor is that it does not require any installation at all. Every time, I need to send a big SVG via email. I chose to compress here first so my email wouldn't end up being enormous.


Web Designer


What a great tool to shrink memes! I can compress as many GIFs or memes as I want here and compress them all together. The compatibility is so great. Now I have no trouble sharing my best memes since they all have the perfect size to upload to Discord.




I use both bigJPG and Picwand image compressor. I think they are both great for me. But sometimes, I use Picwand's compressor more often for their compression result looks much better when shrinking certain pics than bigJPG.




I am not saying that this tool is even more professional than Photoshop. It is just that when I tried to compress the PNG image to a certain KB size, the quality is also dramatically compressed. You can see lots of noise in the image. But Picwand's compression method looks much better and less pixelated.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between lossless compression and lossy compression?

Both these 2 compression methods remove image data. However, lossless compression only removes unnecessary data, while lossy compression removes some of the original data. That's why lossy compression can get a very small image size. In contrast, your image quality will also drop greatly after lossy compression. On the other hand, lossless compression algorithms will not cause a noticeable quality drop in the image. Picwand, however, uses smart AI compression algorithms that would balance the quality and size of the image. That's why you will get a relatively small size while most of the original image quality can be kept after compression.

How to reduce photo file size on iPhone?

Tap the Upload a Photo button on your iPhone and select photos from your gallery or albums. This image size reducer will start compressing immediately. Wait a few seconds before you can download the well compressed pictures.

Can Picwand compress PNG and SVG images?

Yes, it can. Apart from PNG and SVG images, Picwand also supports compression JPEG, GIF, WebP, and more images in bulk.

How many images can I compress at a time?

You can upload up to 40 images, no more than 5MB at once to compress.

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AI Technology

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Best Quality

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