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Remove Image Background with 4 Steps


Step 1

Upload your Image


Step 2

Remove Background by AI


Step 3

Edit Background if you need


Step 4

Save the Photo

Remove Perfectly Back Element
Remove Perfect Picture unfold

Remove Background Perfectly and Precisely with AI

You must have some pictures with messy backgrounds, and you want to delete the background and keep your favorite body at the same time. Then you can try Picwand AI Photo Cutout! Powered by advanced AI technology, it can erase image background thoroughly and preserve every detail of the main body. No matter whether you want to remove white background or the complex scenery, this BG remover can always make a perfect image with a transparent background for you.

Automatically Erase Image Background: Quick and Easy

Using traditional photo editors to remove the background from image is a painful experience. You need to draw with the mouse to select the part you want to preserve. You also need to learn what’s the effect of different options and try them all. But this misery is all in the past and now you have a better option: Picwand AI Photo Cutout. What you need to do is simply upload your image and wait for a few seconds and all the process will automatically achieved by AI.

Remove Fast
Support Any Formats

Delete Background from Multiple Image Formats

You can obtain pictures from different resources in different formats. You may get well-accepted PNG and JPG format pictures with a phone camera or WebP images from a webpage. So, it is vital to find a photo cutout tool that supports different formats. Lucily, Picwand AI Photo Cutout supports most of the popular formats. You can remove the background from PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, WebP, SVG, etc.

Remove Background from Transparent Items

A top problem for all is how to remove the transparent object background. For example, the glass ball, waterfall, crystal cup, etc. Most background removers can’t distinguish the background of transparent objects and will lead to an unreasonable image. However, with Picwand AI Photo Cutout, you can remove and change the background effortlessly. The AI can automatically detect transparent items and keep them realistic in different backgrounds.

Remove Transparent Item
Change Background

Change Image Background Simply

Removing BG and getting a cutout picture online free with Picwand transparent background maker not be the last step. What you may really want is to replace the image background for an ID photo, product display, and more. Now you can finish all the steps with Picwand AI Photo Cutout! After you make a cutout picture with Picwand, you can choose to add a solid color: white, black, etc., or choose the templates it offers. It also allows you to upload your image and make it a new picture background.

Manual Adjust Background and Resize Picture

Since you have made a perfect picture cutout, just post it to social media! But one problem remains. Different platforms have different aspect ratio requirements. Don’t worry. In addition to removing the background from the picture, it also supports rotating, flipping, and resizing images as you need. You can also manually select or erase any part you want to keep or remove if your picture has different parts you want to save.

Manula Editing

What Our Users Are Saying


Wonderful experience with Picwand AI Photo Cutout. I have tried to use different kinds of tools to remove background from my image, but none of them is as fast, simple, and efficient as this software. As a free online tool, it is totally worth trying. I highly recommend this good software.




I have a lot of presentations for different classes, and I always want to remove background from images to make my slides more beautiful. Fortunately, I find this tool. It removes all kinds of background for me, and what I need to do is simply click to upload and save. It is very fast and advanced.




As a content creator, I would like to collect different photos and make cutout images for my material library. Picwand AI Photo Cutout really saved me a lot of time. What I like most is that I can change the background directly with Picwand, too. This way, my working efficiency is high improved.


content creator


I am pretty surprised by its processing speed and high accuracy. I have used it for a while, and it always works perfectly. I think I will use it for a long time.




Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove background from picture?

Traditional software requires you to select the picture by hand. But with Picwand AI Photo Cutout, you just need to click to upload an image and wait to save the result in 5 seconds.

What is the best background remover?

Picwand AI Photo Cutout stands as one of the best background removers. Powered by advanced AI technology, it provides fast speed and high accuracy. What’s more, it is always free to use for anyone.

Can I remove the background on my phone?

Of course, you can. Picwand AI Photo Cutout is not limited to the online version. You can also enjoy the full function on iPhone and Android devices.

Can I change the photo’s background?

After you remove the background from an image with Picwand AI Photo Cutout, you can click Edit on the preview page. It allows you to add a new background. You can choose white, black, or other color background. You can also use a new image as a background.

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Support cross-platform

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